Recycle Electronics or Donate Electronics to Save Cash and Go Green

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Your old electronics that you are considering throwing away may be someone’s treasure.  In this post, you’ll discover ways to sell electronics, recycle electronics, and donate electronics.

Recycle Electronics -- Donate Electronics

One of the fastest growing waste concerns our world faces is consumer electronic trash.  This trash includes: old computers, cell phones, PDAs, office equipment, and other devices.  This stuff is getting dumped into landfills daily.  Unfortunately, it sticks around our planet for a long time! However, sometimes these old electronics can be sold, donated, or recycled a few times before hitting the landfills.

Sell Electronics

Sell your old electronics on eBay and  If you plan on selling something new or nearly new choose it sell it on first.  Do some price-point research and you’ll see what I am talking about.  For new items, you typically get the most money there.

For the other items you can sell them on eBay.  Just put up a listing, sell the item, and ship it out.

Don’t have an account on eBay or Amazon?  No problem.  It is quite simple to set up an account on either site to sell your items.  Just check out each site’s membership sections.

If it sounds like a big hassle to list, sell, and ship your electronics consider hiring out a third-party.  There are plenty of online trading assistants out there.  I think it is quite expensive but could be an alternative for you.  Look into ISoldIt or check out Craig’s List.  Either way, you can recycle electronics for cash.

Check out this Howdini Video on Recycling Electronic Products:

Recycle Electronics -- Donate Electronics

If you want to sell back a cellular phone look into Capstone Wireless.  This company buys back lots of phones.  If it powers up and the LCD is good they usually buy it.  I have mentioned Gazelle before in other posts.  Gazelle buys back loads of electronics too.

Apple-user? If you have an Apple product you would like to get rid of check out Apple’s gift card program.  Last I checked, you can exchange your Apple computer for a gift card.

Donate Electronics

You can donate your desktop and peripherals to the National Cristina Foundation and the World Computer Exchange.

For cell-phones, consider ReCellular. These folks find phone buyers and recycle the rest.

Sidenote: Most people that donate electronic equipment want an idea of how much they are worth for tax purposes.  If you want to establish the value of the electronics you plan to donate check out ItsDeductible.  It is a tool created by TurboTax.

If you just want to give your electronic device or computer away to someone off the street join your local Freecycle group.  More than likely, there will be someone out there that wants your old computer or device.  Free electronics recycling at its finest.

Recycle Electronics | Donate Electronics

Recycle Electronics

Many manufacturers take back electronics for recycling purposes.  For example, Dell Computers has deals set up with Goodwill and Staples to collect products in-store.  A good starting point for manufacturer takeback programs is the Electronics Takeback Coalition.  This site specializes in finding  recycling programs.

Some of the retailers recycle also.  The Best Buy electronics recycling program accepts most electronics. Then, they either resell or recycle the item.  Staples Office supply stores accept personal electronics like cell phones, digital cameras, and PDAs for free.  If you have office electronics they’ll accept those too.  However, they typically charge $10 to take these items.

Recycle Electronics -- Donate Electronics

One other option is to check out a company named Call2Recycle. This is one of the most well-known electronics recycling companies. These folks pick up cell phones and rechargeable batteries from select locations.  Visit their website to find out where these spots are.  Currently, they do pick-ups at loads of places like: Radio Shack, Whole Foods, Lowes, Best Buy, Sears, and Home Depot locations.  They also have pick up at specialty shops like Fastenel.

Lastly, if you want to find places to recycle electronics by your zip code check out  You can also look into state electronics recycling programs too.

So, if you want to sell electronics, donate electronics, or recycle electronics the resources listed in this post should really help.  Let’s use these tools to clean up our environment and possibly make a little extra cash!

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