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Learn what Peoplesoft ePerformance document types are and what you define on them.

ePerformance Document Types

You use a document type to define default values for many of the fields on an ePerformance template.  You tell the system if you want the performance or development document to:

  • Allow managers, employees, or both of them to create documents
  • Allow document cloning
  • Allow for the document to be in official review for integration with the Peoplesoft Salary Planning component
  • Allow a user to identify the document template (user creating the document picks the template)
  • Allow for the document to come from Manage Profiles
  • Allow for an approval process during the review stage of the performance management process (apply an approval definition)
  • Select an objective plan (align and copy items from business objectives to a document)

ePerformance Document Types

NAV:  Set Up HCM>Product Related>ePerformance>Document Structure>Document Types

Peoplesoft ePerformance Document Type






















That about sums up Peoplesoft ePerformance document types. You simply set up some defaults that feed into the template prior to creating a document.

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