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Posted by at 30 July , 2014

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You may know the table but a quick review never hurts.  If you are new to Peoplesoft read this post.  You’ll discover what the table does and how to get to it.

Peoplesoft Installation Table

As soon as a seasoned Peoplesoft analyst gives this question a moment’s thought they may think it is going to be an easy answer.  This may be true.  However, if a person works in operations or is a new functional analyst they may have never seen it or even know what it does.

When you visit the Peoplesoft installation table you establish basic system settings.  Peoplesoft HCM does not recognize a module until you activate it in the application.  You perform the following on the installation table:

  • Specify what Peoplesoft HCM Modules you plan to
  • Set up HCM options
  • Set up product-specific information
  • Set up country-specific information
  • Select installed countries for global payroll
  • Select Installed integration products
  • Set up the system counters (Last ID Assigned, etc.)
  • Enter alternate-character information
  • Enter third-party information

Typically, once you set up these settings you won’t ever touch them again.  Changing any of the system settings has the potential to affect multiple modules’ processing.  You must perform plenty of testing before making changes to the installation table.

Peoplesoft Installation Table

This is what it looks like in a Peoplesoft 9.2 demo environment and where to find it:

Navigation:  Main Menu>Set Up HCM>Install>Installation Table

Peoplesoft Installation Table






















I plan to address the tabs in detail later.  In a nutshell, that is what you do with the Peoplesoft installation table.

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